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The Church of Christ, located at 5307 64th St, Sacramento, CA 95820, is a community of faithful Christians.

With all the division around us, we believe there is still hope for religious unity today, that peace can be achieved by accepting God's word as the primary guide in our lives. And Jesus as our King.


We believe that returning to the original teachings and practices of the church that we read about in the New Testament can lead to the harmony that we all need so much.


We believe that none of us can do this on our own. It takes a family of believers to grow together, to laugh together, to cry together. To strive to be the family of God and to be the church that Jesus built.


Our Leadership


Aaron Newman


Aaron Newman is an Evangelist for the Church of Christ, dedicated to spreading the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Through his teaching, sermons, and community outreach, he strives to lead others to a deeper understanding and relationship with God.


Bill Costa


Bill Costa is a well-respected leader at64th Street Church of Christ in Sacramento California. He is well known for his deep knowledge of the word of God and involvement in the congregation. Bill is one of several leaders who will be there for you when ever you need.

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